Hermitage Horticultural Society & Gardening Club

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If you are just a little interested in gardening or are an experienced or novice gardener. At Hermitage Horticultural Society we welcome everyone.


Autumn Show Schedule

THE GOOLDEN CUP will be presented to the Member who wins the most points in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


THE CLASSIC DECORATORS' CUP will be awarded for the highest number of points in the Flower Classes 6 to 27.


THE MARR CUP will be presented to the child with the highest number of points overall.

THE HANS OVEREYNDER TROPHY will be awarded for the highest number of points in the Vegetable/Fruit Classes 28 to 56.

DIPLOMA OF MERIT will be awarded for the Best Exhibit in Vegetable/Fruit Classes.


DIPLOMA OF MERIT will be awarded for the Best Exhibit in Flower Classes.


THE WADE CUP will be awarded to the family gaining the most points throughout the year.


THE HERMITAGE HOMECRAFT CUP will be awarded to the Member with the most points from the Spring and Autumn Shows in the Produce and Homecraft Classes.


THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWARD will be awarded to the Member gaining the most points throughout the year.


FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS (including foliage)


1 *    'Colours of Autumn'  An Arrangement of  Flowers, Foliage and Berries. Size limit 30cm. (12")

         wide x 30cm. (12") high  

2*      Using Flowers and Foliage make a Fire arrangement.

3.*     An arrangement incorporating a piece of Clothing.

4*      An arrangement a Wine Glass to be viewed all around. size 15cm. (12") high

5*.     An arragement to depict a Seaside theme. Maximum size 30cm. (12") wide x 30cm. (12") high.


         N.B.*See Rule 5 in respect of Classes 1 to 5




6.      Three Dahlias, decorative

7.      Three Dahlias, cactus and/or semi-cactus

8.      Three Dahlias, poms.  5cm. (2") maximum

9.       Bowl or Vase of Dahlias, any variety

10.    Three Chrysanthemums

11.    Three Spray Chrysanthemums

12.    One Specimen Chrysanthemu

13.    Bowl or Vase of Michaelmas Daisies

14.    Three sprays Michaelmas Daisies (one variety)

15.     Bowl or Vase of Annual Asters

16.     Bowl or Vase of Annuals other than Asters.  See 'Special Notes'

17.     Bowl or Vase of Mixed Perennials

18.     Pot Plant, flowering.  Pot measurement 20cm. (8") max.  See 'Special Notes'

19.     Pot Plant, foliage.  Pot measurement 20cm. (8") max.  See 'Special notes'

20      Pot Plant, hanging.  Pot measurement 20cm. (8") max.  See 'Special Notes'

21.     Pot Plant Pelargonium (Geranium).  Pot measurement 20cm. (8") max.  See 'Special notes'

22.     Pot Plant Orchid  pot measurement 20cm. (8")max See 'Special notes'

23.    Flowers from my garden

24     Three specimen blooms of a large flowered Rose.  (Hybrid Tea type).  See 'Special notes'


25. Three cluster flowered stems of Roses.  (Floribunda type).Three roses or more on each stem

                    'See Special Notes'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

26.    Fuchsia plant in a pot. Pot measurements 15cm (6")max. See ' Special Notes'

27.  Six Fuchsia Flowers, mixed in a box. No foliage.

28.  Largest Sunflower head, cut.

                VEGETABLES AND FRUIT


29.  Four Onions from Seed

30.  Four Onions from Sets

31.  Three Carrots, no foliage

32.  Three Beetroots, no foliage

33.  Five Potatoes, any one variety

34.  Five Runner Beans

35.  Two Leeks

36.  Four Tomatoes

37.  One truss Cherry Type Tomatoes

38.  One Cabbage

39.  Two Peppers (Capsicums)

40.  Two Lettuces

41.  Nine Shallots, small.  Max. 3cm. (1_")

42.  Two Courgettes.  Size around 13cm. to 15cm. (5" to 6")

43.  Marrows, Pair, any colour of 30cm. to 35cm. (12" to 14")

44.  Heaviest Marrow

45.  Heaviest Onion (clean)

46.  Four Apples – Dessert

47.  Nine Shallots, large

48.  Four Apples - Cooking

49.  Five Plums or Gages

50.  Nine Autumn Raspberries with stems

51          .       Any other Fruit

52                  Longest Runner Bean

53.                 Four French Beans

54.  Any other Vegetable

55.  Heaviest Tomato

56.  Bowl of Mixed Herbs (Culinary)

57.     Vegetables in a Tray or Trug, four kinds, one of each.

            PRODUCE AND HOMECRAFT (Food to be labelled with date)


58.    A Jar of Pickled Onions.

59.   Egg and Anchovy Pate.   See Recipe.

60.   Festive Gingerbread.       See Recipe.

61.   Cystalized Fruit, suitable for a present.

62.   A  Gift wrapped Parcel

63.   A Pair of Knitted Gloves.

        PHOTOGRAPHIC (Size - any dimensions not exceeding 225 sq. cm. (35 sq. ins.)  May  be mounted' but not framed)    


64.    One Print - 'Britain in the Rain'.

65.    One Print -  'A Village Photograph'

66.    One print -  'On Holiday'


   CHILDREN'S CLASSES (age to be stated) 

          Under 8 years old on day of Show


67.    Make Six Jam Tarts.

68.    Draw a Bird on your Feeder or in your Garden.

69.    Grow a Sunflower


        8 years old or over on the day of the Show


70.    Make Six Jam Tarts.

71.    Draw a Bird on your Feeder or in your Garden.

72.    Grow a Sunflower.