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If you are just a little interested in gardening or are an experienced or novice gardener. At Hermitage Horticultural Society we welcome everyone.


2019 Spring Show results

Hermitage Horticultural Spring Show was held on 14th April  there was 150 entries. Best show for sometime, with newcomers to the Society entering the Classes.

The Cup winners were:


Lipscomb Cup                  Heather Whetter          with 21 pts


John Rouse Cup              Roy Marr                       with 39 pts.



Elizabeth Brown Cup      Not awarded  as no children entered



Diploma of Merit               Tony Bradley                  class 38


Home Craft Cup to date   Mandy Bradleyr              with 10pts

                                        June Wernham               with 5 pts                                                                    



The Photographer of the Year to date:

                                        Ann Beard                       with 10 pts.

                                         Eric beard                        with 6 pts.




2019 Summer Show results

Hermitage Hort Soc. Summer flower show was held at The New Hall on 6th July 100 entries, the cup winners were:


  • The West Cup Heather Whetter  47 points.

  • The Daniel Dorling Tursley cup  Mandy Bradley with

                                                                                   44 points.

  • The Jubilee Cup     Roy Marr  with10 points.

  • The Dew Cup Sue  Heather Whetter with        25 points.

  • The Revival Trophy  Brian Barnes, Luisa King, Heather    Whetter    

  • Over Eight Junior Cup     Not awarded.no enteries.

*           Under Eight Junior Cup Not Awarded no enteries

  • Fairfield Rose Bowl         Not awarded no enteries

  • Diploma of Merit  flower class Ann Beard class 15.

  • Diploma of Merit  Vegetable & Fruit class Mandy Bradley        

                                                                                       class 51



   2019 Autumn show results                            

Hermitage Hort. Soc. Autumn Flower Show was held on 14th September 142 entries, cup winners were:


Goolden Cup awarded to                   Sue Plummer  with 18 points

The Classic Decorators Cup              Roy Marr         with 24 points.

The Marr Cup                                         not awarded

Hans Overeynder Cup                       Robert Burgess with 79 points                                                                Diploma of merit  Best Ex.Flowers     Robert Cripps class 8

Diploma of Merit Best EX.Fruit/Veg    Janet Burch         class 51

The Wade Cup                                       Not Awarded

The Hermitage Home Craft Cup        Heather Whetter with 24 points

The photographer of the Year            Colin Plummert   with 15 points                                                             .                    



The Autumn show, entries were better than expected with 20 entrants and 142 enteries.

Summer Show 2019 Cup Winners

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