Hermitage Horticultural Society & Gardening Club

Spring Show Schedule

THE LIPSCOMB CUP will be presented to the Member with the most points in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

THE JOHN ROUSE CUP will be presented to the Member with the most points in the Flower Classes 6 to 30.

THE ELIZABETH BROWN CUP will be awarded to the child with the most points in Classes 42 to 47.

DIPLOMA OF MERIT will be awarded for the Best Exhibit in Show.

THE WADE CUP will be awarded at the Autumn Show to the family gaining the most points from all three Shows.

THE HERMITAGE HOMECRAFT CUP will be awarded at the Autumn Show to the Member with the most points from the Spring and Autumn Shows in the Produce and Homecraft Classes.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWARD will be awarded at the Autumn Show to the Member gaining the most points in the Photographic Classes throughout the year.


FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS (including foliage)

1.* An arrangement of Spring Flowers in an Egg Cup. Size to suit.

2.* Flowers fo an Easter Table. Size not more than 23cm (9")high

3.* An arrangement of Spring Flowers for Mother's Day. no size limit
4.* Daffodils and Foliage in a Basket
5.* 'Spring Time' A arrangement of Spring Flowers and Foliage. Size limit 38cm. (15") high .
  N.B. *See Rule 5 in respect of Classes 1 to 5

   FLOWERS (Containers available Classes 6 to 16)

6. Five blooms of Trumpet Daffodils, one or more varieties (or cultivars)
7. Three blooms of Trumpet Daffodils, one variety (or cultivar)
8. One bloom Trumpet Daffodil
  N.B. 'Trumpet Daffodils' - trumpet as long as, or longer than
perianth segment  
9. Five blooms Narcissi, cup, two or more varieties (or cultivars)
10. Three blooms Narcissus, cup, one variety (or cultivar)
11. One Specimen Narcissus, cup
12. Five stems multi-headed Narcissus
13. Three stems multi-headed Narcissus
14. One stem multi-headed Narcissus
15. Three stems of a miniature Narcissus, single or multi-headed, with a maximum bloom
  diameter of 5cm. (2")
16. Three stems Cyclamineus Narcissus. See note page 9.
17 Three stems Polyanthus, cut
18. One stem Polyanthus, cut
19. Bowl or Vase Polyanthus, cut
20. One Polyanthus or Primrose Plant potted
21 Three Tulips, rooted or cut
22. Three Hyacinths, rooted or cut
23. Mixed Spring Flowers, any container
24. Five Pansies
25. Five Violas
26. One Viola plant, flowering, in a 7.5cm. (4") pot
27. Pot Plant, flowering
28 Pot Plant, Orchid. Pot measurement 20cm. (8") max.
29. pot Plant, foliage
30. Cacti or Succulents, in a bowl
31. Five stems Wallflowers
32. Vase Flowering Shrubs or Trees, not more than six stems
33. Three stalks Rhubarb
34 Any other Vegetable, one, fresh

  PRODUCE AND HOMECRAFT (Food to be labelled with date)

35. A Jar of Orange Curd.
36. Six Chocolate topped caramel Shortbreads. see recipe inside cover
37 Bread and Butter Pudding. Own recipe.
38. A Mother's Day card from Craft Materials.
39. A pair of bed Socks.
40 A Scarf. kinitted, crochete or sewn.
Photographic Size- any dimensions not exceeding
  225 sq. cm. (35 sq. ins.) May be mounted but not framed)

41 One Print - ' Autumn Colour).
42. One Print - 'A Christmas Scene'
43. One Print - 'Winter Frost'

  CHILDREN'S CLASSES (age to be stated)
  Under 8 years old on day of Show

44 Make a Flap Jacks See recipe inside cover.
45 Make a Mother's Day Card.
46. Decorate a Flower Pot or Jam Jar.

  8 years old or over on day of Show
47. Make six Afgans. See recipe in side cover.
48 Make a Mother's Day Card.
49 Decorate a Flower pot or Jam Jar.

  (A variety is a naturally occurring variant of a species,
  while variants produced by man in cultivation are
  known as cultivars)

Note: Cyclamineus Narcissus. Usually one flower to a
Stem, perianth segments (petals) reflexed. Flower at an
acute angle to the stem, withvery short pedicel (neck)