Hermitage Horticultural Society & Gardening Club

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If you are just a little interested in gardening or are an experienced or novice gardener. At Hermitage Horticultural Society we welcome everyone.


Spring Show Schedule

THE LIPSCOMB CUP will be presented to the Member with the  most points in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


THE JOHN ROUSE CUP will be presented to the Member with the most points in the Flower Classes 6 to 30.


THE ELIZABETH BROWN CUP will be awarded to the child with the most points in Classes 42 to 47.


DIPLOMA OF MERIT will be awarded for the Best Exhibit in   Show.


THE WADE CUP will be awarded at the Autumn Show to the family  gaining the most points from all three Shows.


THE HERMITAGE HOMECRAFT CUP will be awarded at the Autumn Show to the Member with the most points from the Spring and Autumn Shows in the Produce and Homecraft Classes.


THE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWARD will be awarded at the Autumn Show to the Member gaining the most points in the Photographic Classes throughout the year.


FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS (including foliage)


1.* Treasures from a Spring Garden. Size 13cm . Size 13cm. (5") widex30cm. (12") high


2.* A Basket of Flowers and Foliage with a Easter theme. Size to suit basket.


3.* Make a Spring exhibit using moss, Ferns and Twigs. Size38cm. (15") wide x 23cm. (9")


.4.       Posy of Spring Flowers. a Frill may be used.


5.* A petite arrangement with Spring Flowers and foiliage. Size limit 23cm. (9") high   .


           N.B. *See Rule 5 in respect of Classes 1 to 5



              FLOWERS (Containers available Classes 6 to 16)


6. Five blooms of Trumpet Daffodils, one or more varieties (or cultivars)

7. Three blooms of Trumpet Daffodils, one variety (or cultivar)

8.        One bloom Trumpet Daffodil

           N.B. 'Trumpet Daffodils' - trumpet as long as, or longer than

perianth segment               

9.  Five blooms Narcissi, cup, two or more varieties (or cultivars)

10. Three blooms Narcissus, cup, one variety (or cultivar)

11. One Specimen Narcissus, cup

12.  Five stems multi-headed Narcissus

13.  Three stems multi-headed Narcissus

14.  One stem multi-headed Narcissus

15.  Three stems of a miniature Narcissus, single or multi-headed, with a maximum bloom    

        diameter of 5cm. (2")

16. Three stems Cyclamineus Narcissus. See note page 9.

17   Three stems Polyanthus, cut

18.  One stem Polyanthus, cut

19.  Bowl or Vase Polyanthus, cut

20.  One Polyanthus or Primrose Plant potted

21 Three Tulips, rooted or cut

22. Three Hyacinths, rooted or cut

23.  Mixed Spring Flowers, any container

24.  Five Pansies

25.  Five Violas

26.  One Viola plant, flowering, in a 7.5cm. (4") pot

27.  Pot Plant, flowering

28   Pot Plant, Orchid. Pot measurement 20cm. (8") max.

29.  pot Plant, foliage

30. Cacti or Succulents, in a bowl

31.  Five stems Wallflowers

32.  Vase Flowering Shrubs or Trees, not more than six stems

33. Three stalks Rhubarb

34  Any other Vegetable, one, fresh

             PRODUCE AND HOMECRAFT (Food to be labelled with date)


35.  A Jar of Currant Jelly.

36. Six Ginger Florentines.

37   A Round of Soda Bread.

38.  A  Upside -down Pudding.

39.  'Something New from Something Old' an item using recycled materials.

40   A Tea Cosy.

          Photophic Size- any dimensions not exceeding

             225 sq. cm. (35 sq. ins.)  May be mounted but not framed)


41  One Print - 'The first Spring Flower to appear in your Garden'.

42. One Print - 'Floods'

43. One Print - 'A bonfire , Fireworks or Halloween'



        CHILDREN'S CLASSES (age to be stated)      

           Under 8 years old on day of Show


44   Make a plate filled Sandwiches for a party.

45   Make a Nest filled with decorated. hard boiled Hens' Eggs..

46.  Make a Easter Posy..


          8 years old or over on day of Show


47.  Decorate a Wooden Spoon.

48   Make a Nest filled with decorated, hard boiled Hens' Eggs.

49   Make a Easter Posy.

        (A variety is a naturally occurring variant of a species,

        while variants produced by man in cultivation are

        known as cultivars)




          Note: Cyclamineus Narcissus. Usually one flower to a

          Stem, perianth segments (petals) reflexed. Flower at an

          acute angle to the stem, withvery short pedicel (neck)