Talks 2022

7th January – Charlotte Fyfe – Foraging for Wild Food

Charlotte will tell us all about the wealth of green weeds and wild leaves that we can eat, as well as wildflowers, fruits of the hedgerow, nuts, mushrooms and sea vegetables.  Charlotte writes regularly as an expert for YOUR CHICKENS MAGAZINE and other publications.  She has given talks in various locations such as NT properties, Farm Shop Cafes, the RHS and Rural Life Museums, and Garden Centres, Day Centres and WIs.

24th February – Nick Cook – Cruising with Jason

‘Step aboard!  Join Jason and the Argonauts on the first and greatest sea cruise in history.  Berths are filling fast so book now.  Don’t miss the quest for the Golden Fleece!’ (His words).  Nick now retired from Kodak spends his time lecturing, speaking and writing.  This talk recounts the Greek Myth of Jason’s journey in the Argo and his search for the Golden Fleece, told in an original way and imagined as a Mediterranean cruise.

28th April – Lynda Warren – A Spoonful of Herbs – Sowing, Growing, Harvesting and Preserving

From sowing and growing to harvesting and preserving, Lynda will show us how to grow our own herb garden or window box and preserve our own produce.  Lynda’s talks and workshops are based on many years of personal experience and research.  Her background in producing and writing educational events has taken her to many parts of the world.

27th October – John Baker &June Colley – The World of Butterflies

John a retired Director of an Engineering Company and June head of Technology for a Perfume Company, will explain behaviour and habitats of Butterflies.  As well as British Butterflies we will see exotic species from around the world and see how they live in their jungle habitat.  We will visit Butterfly Sanctuaries and see special art created from Butterfly wings and how to create a beautiful garden to attract Butterflies.